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This site is a visual information source for correct supra - and subgingival instrumentation techniques.
There are several books available (in many languages) describing the use of scalers, curettes and (ultra)sonic scalers.
It's a fact that next to the theoretical aspect of instrumentation, the use of pictures to demonstrate the position of the operator and techniques, there is a demand for demonstrations of the various techniques that can be checked repeatedly. This site aims mainly at visualising the various instrumentation techniques.
This site will not replace the valuable theoretical background of the various techniques and use of instruments described in books and in scientific literature. This site is a means to visualise the techniques and make it an "on demand" demonstration source.

The menu will guide you through the different instruments and the several areas in the mouth. There is a demonstration of each instrument available for almost every area in the mouth. In specific areas you will find more than one "demo-button". In that case additional videos are available (i.e. close up of the movement, difference in mesial or distal surfaces, difference in position of the operator, techniques how to use the instrument on the surfaces facing the operator or the surfaces). The demonstrations and the positions of the operator are based on right-handed operators. Left handed operators have clock positions that vary from 11 o'clock to 4 o'clock. The instrumentation technique is not different!

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